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You have lost the license for your product? No problem! We can send you an email with all of your current licenses. If you have any question or problem about our products,Please Contact us, We will reply as soon as possible. Check the common questions of sales like order, payment, delivery and others..

LCYSoft serves worldwide customers as one of the greatest software sharing websites. There are much freeware and shareware are for free download or purchasing which covers several channels including Windows, Mac, Mobile, etc.

For the Freeware, we provide 100% clean & secure download links.Please feel free to use them.

For the Shareware, we recommend the most useful and professional software after our careful selections, and all of them own secured shopping and at least 30-days Money Back Guarantee services. So you just use them as you like.

LCYSoft is composed of the following 3 channels, each one with a specific purpose:

The Windows Channel lists a wide range of freeware, shareware and trial software products for the Windows OS.

The Mac Channel lists a wide range of freeware, shareware and trial software products for Macintosh Systems.

The Mobile Channel is designed for mobile phone enthusiasts and provided with many hot mobile applications for multitudinal mobile brands and models.

LCYSoft aims to supply the best for customers, with Better, Safer and Faster software usage experience. Welcome your feedback.

LCYSoft ensure software downloads and purchases free of spyware, viruses and malware.

When you email us for technical support, please include the following information so that our support team can figure out your trouble easier and sooner:

  • Order number
  • The error message and log record
  • Version number of the software
  • Details of your trouble
  • Information of your operation system

LCYSoft Support:

Working Hours:
8:30 a.m.-11:30 a.m.
13:00 p.m. – 17:30 p.m. (GMT+08)